Allied Nutrition:  A decade of experience and success, constantly being innovative and challenging ordinary thinking.  The company has built a reputation of being the leader of Nutraceuticals in the South African feed industry.  Allied Nutrition’s strength lies in the applied Nutraceutical applications of nutrition and health whilst the company’s commitment to customers rests on 3 broad pillars namely technology, marketing and research.


Our products offer simple feed solutions such as organic acids, organic trace minerals, flavouring palatants and sweeteners, to complex feed solutions such as single or unique blends of essential oils and monoglycerides driving natural growth promotion and immunity, to speciality raw materials such as calcified sea weed and salmon oils contributing unique and specialized nutrients to feed formulation and nutrient specifications.  With a strong technical team servicing customers’ requests, exploring opportunities and proposing solutions to needs, is Allied Nutrition’s commitment to all involved within the South African feed industry.


All products Allied Nutrition deal are carefully chosen from a variety of global suppliers that offer quality certification and assurance of their products.  It is on this bases that Allied Nutrition prides itself in offering only quality certified products to the Animal feed industry.



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