Allied Nutrition

@ Fauresmith Endurance Ride

Fauresmith endurance ride is held every year just outside Fauresmith in the Free State province. About 400 riders and their horses compete against one another over a 3 day period. A total of 200 km are cover, all on dirt roads and tracts in the veldt. Both rider and horse’s stamina and fitness are tested to the extreme, with veterinarians checking the horse’s health every ± 25 km of the race. Lameness and other health issues can result in preventing the rider and horse to continue with the race. Allied Nutrition was presented by Frans Hagg and in collaboration with Stride Distributors, introduced Stalosan F to the endurance horse industry. Stalosan F is a dry powder disinfectant that can help with foot problems, like grease heel / mud fever. This problems can occur when the hock part of the leg get wet and dirty. This can then result in infection on the skin. With Stalosan F being both a drying agent as well as a broad spectrum antimicrobial, we believe that it can assist in decreasing possible hoof problems in horses. Allied Nutrition were also given the opportunity to give a presentation on Stalosan F to all the veterinarians that were part of the Endurance Ride. Very positive feedback were received from the veterinarians and they started to recommend the use of Stalosan F to help with hoof health.