Allied Nutrition

@ AFMA Forum 2016

AFMA Forum 2016, held from 1 to 3 March 2016 at Sun City, South Africa creates a platform where local role-players are informed of the latest international developments in the animal feed and nutrition industry.stand-3


For the third time, Allied Nutrition took part in this prestigious event as one of the exhibitors, as well as sponsoring 2 speakers in conjunction with Celtic Sea Minerals and Framelco.






Allied Nutrition stand


Rudolf van der Veen and Marcos Teixidó (from Pancosma)

The first speaker was Dr Helder Pinto, Technical Director of Framelco in the Netherlands. His topic was on Monoglycerides as a feed additive effecting bacteria, Salmonella and fat enveloped viruses in the GIT, lymph and blood.







Rudolf van der Veen, Dr Helder Pinto (from Framelco) and Frans Hagg

The second speaker was Prof Chrisjan Cruywagen from the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and his presentation was on challenging DCAD in transition cow nutrition.

It has always been Allied Nutrition’s aim to service customers’ requests and bringing solutions to needs – so we trust that both presentations were valuable to our customers in the South African feed industry and that it will translate through to adding value on farm level.

The AFMA Forum also created an opportunity to interact many of our customers and although this is going to be a challenging year for all involved in the feed industry, Allied Nutrition has long standing partnerships with dedicated people to support one another.


Allied Nutrition Team: Magda Reynders, Frans Hagg and Rudolf van der Veen