Allied Nutrition

@ JAM 2016

Animal scientists from all over the world come together in the United States of America annually to share knowledge and new research on animal production. This is done at the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), organized by the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA), as well as American Animal Science Association (ASA). The 2016 JAM meeting was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, where more than 3000 delegates attended the 4-day meeting and more than 1800 presentations and posters were presented at the meeting.

Frans Hagg and Rudolf van der Veen from Allied Nutrition, in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, were honoured to be able to participate in the JAM 2016 meeting. Ruben Gouws, MSc Animal Nutrition student of the University of Pretoria, presented an oral presentation on his research study on natural alternatives to monensin in sheep feedlot diets. Both Acid Buf and Xtract Caps Xl were found to be suitable natural alternatives to monensin. Kindly visit the Allied Nutrition website for more detailed information regarding these 2 products or contact Frans Hagg directly at frans@alliednutrition.com.