Allied Nutrition

@ RuVASA Congress 2017

The Ruminant Veterinary association of South Africa congress (RuVASA) is held yearly and attended by veterinarians and other role players in the ruminant veterinarian field of Southern Africa. The theme of the 2017 RuVASA congress was “Protecting our future” with an in-depth look at antibiotic resistance, our role in making farms more profitable, improved diagnostics, and financial and personal wellness.

Allied Nutrition was privileged to take part in the congress by presenting a talk on the use of Acid Buf and/or Capsicum as natural alternatives to monensin in sheep feedlot diets. Emphasis was also placed on the challenges the industry has with the limitations on in feed AGP’s and that the industry should look at alternatives in the near future. The presentation was well received and Landbou Weekblad published an article covering the information that was presented by Frans Hagg.

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