Allied Nutrition

@ SAPPO 2018

The South African Pork Producers Organisation (SAPPO) hosted its annual conference at the Champagne Sports Resort, Central Drakensberg, this year. The theme of the conference was “Pork Shifters 2020: Every corner counts, make every connection matter”.  

The purpose is of the conference is to discuss issues and challenges currently facing the pork industry, and strategies and management techniques, thereby providing producers with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure success of their operations towards 2020.

The conference allowed for interaction between producers, integrators and emerging farmers, speakers and companies. Producers were able to gain insight from speakers such as Prof. Theo Venter on politics and reform and how this would influence pork production; Arno van Bradenburg on how we can use technology to improve our production efficiency; Egbert Knol, Marcello Marchesi and Peter Plumstead on the implementation of genetics and feed additives into our production design; and the likes of Chantell Ilbury and Lorne Sulcas focusing on the importance of strategic decision making and out of the box thinking for the future prosperity of each business.

Magda Reynders and Hanaa Solomon represented Allied Nutrition in the exhibition hall during the conference where we were able to interact with producers and discuss how organic feed additives and a disinfectant can be implemented into each producer’s unique management set up to help improve their production efficiency and biosecurity. We had a lot of fun exchanging knowledge and we look forward to the next conference.

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