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With Dr Thomas Schonewille and Mathilde Ramillien

Allied Nutrition hosted a ruminant road trip on 8-12 October 2018. Allied Nutrition had the privilege to welcome Dr Thomas Schonewille from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University, and Mathilde Ramillien from Pancosma, to South Africa.

Dr Thomas Schonewille challenged the dairy industry on our understanding of macro minerals and their influence on the incidence of milk fever in dairy cows. We also discussed the relevance and economic impact of the various techniques feed formulators implement to try and reduce the incidence of milk fever.

Dr Thomas Schonewille presenting in Paarl, Western Cape

We had a practical session with Mathilde Ramillien identifying various scents and understanding the complex interactions within a flavour and between a flavour and feed. Mathilde also took us through the process of testing flavours and dosages in feed, as well as how the tests are conducted in order to minimize bias and to obtain statistically significant results.

Mathilde Ramillien presenting in Paarl, Western Cape

Frans Hagg shared new trial data on Xtract 7065 and Xtract Caps XL, specifically in comparison to monensin under non heat stressed conditions in dairy cows, feedlot cattle and goats.

Frans Hagg presenting in Potchefstroom, North West

We would like to thank our sponsors, Celtic Sea Minerals and Pancosma, for a truly informative and successful road trip with our two guest speakers.  We hope to see both Mathilde and Thomas in the near future.

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