Allied Nutrition attended the AFMA symposium on 29 October 2019 at the CSIR. We were also honoured that one of our own, Frans Hagg (Technical Sales Manager) had the privilege to chair the second session – Feed additives in practice.  

The theme for 2019 AFMA symposium was “Feed additives – how to choose?”, which for many feed manufactures hits the nail squarely on the head. Dr Dieter Moll, Dr Alexandros Yianikouris and Dr Graziano Mantovani shared with us their knowledge and experience on managing mycotoxin risk in our raw materials using new technology, implementing control points in the feedmill and using a holistic approach to manage the risk. Dr Pieter Henning and Dr Charles Stark impressed upon us the importance of critical thinking and using science to determine the correct feed additive for a specific challenge/ application. Dr Philip Labuschagne, Mr Phokela Segobola, Dr Ahmed Khater and Mr Tim Horne shared with us new research and technologies being studied to improve the efficacy and understanding of the mode of action of feed additives.

We are looking forward to attending the AFMA Symposium 2020.

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