1. Xtract Caps XL 7035 consists of Capsicum oleoresin, a natural phytonutrient derived from chillies.
  2. Supplementing Capsicum can assist in decreasing the effect of heat stress by increasing blood flow, fractionating feed intake, increasing enzymatic activity and decreasing oxidative stress (Limlomwongle et al., 1978; Rodriguez-Prado et al., 2012, JAS; Platel et al., 2001; Asai et al., 1999).
  3. Supplementing Xtract Caps XL 7035 to Holstein cows increased % milk protein, % milk fat and decreased somatic cell counts (Bravo et al., 2013. JAM).
  4. Combining Xtract Caps XL with monensin in dairy cow diets during cool weather, tend to improve both milk production and feed efficiency when compared to dairy cows supplemented with only monensin (Oh et al., 2018. JDS).
  5. Supplementing Xtract Caps XL to ruminants increased DMI and water intake. It also reduced the ruminal concentration of large peptides and increased that of small peptides and amino acids (AA), but it had no effect on ammonia N concentrations. These effects suggested that it stimulated peptidolysis, which may provide more peptides and AA. It also enhanced microbial protein synthesis and flow to the small intestine (Cardozo et al., 2006. JAS).
  6. Supplementing Capsicum to Holsteins and feedlot cattle increased DMI and fractionated feed intake (reduce the variation in feed intake during the day). It also increased total VFA production (Rodriguez-Prado et al., 2012. JAS; Pancosma TekTalk No. 134, MSc study done at INTA).
  7. Evaluating Capsicum with a rumen in vitro system at a pH of 5.5 resulted in an increase in total VFA production of more than 10%, decrease of acetate production by more than 20% and increase propionate production by more than 25% (Cardozo et al., 2005. JAS).
  8. Supplementing Capsicum post ruminal increased T helper cells (CD4). CD4 cells play an important role in the immune system, particularly in the adaptive immune system (Oh et al., 2013. JDS).
  9. Supplementing rumen protected capsicum to dairy cows on pasture increased energy corrected milk by 2kg/cow/day (Stelwagen et al., 2016. JDS).
  10. Replacing monensin with Xtract Caps XL 7035 in sheep feedlot diets resulted in similar DMI, ADG and FCR (Gouws et al., 2016. JAM).
  11. Supplementing Xtract Caps Xl 7035 to sheep on a high energy diet tend to improve ADG and FCR (Pancosma TekTalk No. 121).
  12. Supplementing Xtract Caps XL 7035 to ewes during breeding, gestation and lactation resulted in a significant increase in birth weight and ADG of lambs born from supplemented ewes (Block et al., 2007).

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