Stalosan F is an organic disinfectant powder composed of silicates, copper, iron, phosphates, sulphates and persica oil.

  1. Copper has been shown to damage the microbial DNA, and alter bacterial protein synthesis and cell membrane integrity of the microbe, thereby having antimicrobial activity (Reyes-Jara et al., 2016).
  2. Copper on surfaces has been shown to assist in controlling the transmission of the Influenza A virus (Noyce et al., 2007).
  3. Copper ions reduce the neuraminidase (NA) activity and result in morphological abnormalities in the H9N2 virus, suppressing the ability of the H9N2 virus to establish an infection (Horie et al., 2008).
  4. Iron has been shown to suppress DNA release, biofilm development and the development of subpopulations with increased resistance to antimicrobial compounds (Yang et al., 2007).
  5. Absorbent clay/silicates hold five to ten times more water than lime due to their smaller, more numerous pores (Ritz, 2003).
  6. Phosphates aid the activity of copper and iron by maintaining a low environmental pH, resulting in bacterial cell leakage and preventing the growth of bacteria (Barczynska, 2013).
  7. Microbial resistance to copper as a disinfectant is unlikely, as copper degrades the genetic material, preventing mutations and genetic transfer (Grass et al., 2011).

Stalosan F is a dry, broad-spectrum disinfectant powder which is safe for animals, humans and the environment. Stalosan F is registered with both the EPA and NRCS.

Stalosan F can be applied in the presence of animals, keeps on working when in contact with organic matter and can be used in footbaths replacing liquid disinfectants.

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