The past few years some exciting commercial results were obtained in sows when limestone was replaced with Acid Buf at 0.5% inclusion into gestation and lactation diets. Results of the commercial evaluations are presented below. This makes us look more closely at limestone in terms of origin, particle size and what it does during digestion in sows at a low pH of 2 – and finally, when replacing limestone with a more bioavailable, constant particle size source of calcium and added magnesium, the potential positive effect it can have on reproduction in sows.

  1. Sow data: an on-farm evaluation done in Thailand showed that supplementing Acid Buf to sows, body weight at weaning and body condition score were significantly better than in the limestone supplemented group.
  2. Also, the % weight loss was significantly less with Acid Buf supplemented sows compared to the limestone group.
  3. An on-farm evaluation done in South Africa showed that parity effect on changes in P2 thickness was minimized in sows supplemented with Acid Buf compared to limestone supplemented sows.
  4. Farrowing data: the Thailand evaluation showed a significant increase in % piglet livability of sows supplemented with Acid Buf.
  5. On farm evaluations conducted in Denmark and Colombia showed significant increases in the average live born/litter when Acid Buf replaced limestone in the sow diets.
  6. The Colombian evaluation also showed significant increases in the birth weight of the litter and the average piglet birth weight from Acid Buf supplemented sows.
  7. The South African evaluation showed significant increases in the piglet birth weight, as well as the total litter weight farrowed when Acid Buf treatment was compared to limestone treatment.
  8. Weaning data: the Denmark evaluation showed that Acid Buf supplementation significantly increases the number of weaned piglets/litter, as well as the average weaning weight/litter.
  9. The Colombian evaluation showed significant increases in the average number of piglets weaned and on average litter weight when Acid Buf supplemented sows were compared to limestone fed sows.
  10. Variation: the South African evaluation also showed that, between houses, there were less variation in a) litter weight just after farrowing between houses and b) on the average number of piglets weaned of the Acid Buf supplemented sows.
  11. In the same evaluation Acid Buf showed to also have a positive parity effect on the average total weight of litter farrowed, and
  12. Finally, Acid Buf showed to have a greater ability in sows to give birth to heavier piglets across parities.


These results are clear indications that, on a physiological level, all calcium’s are not created equal. Please contact us for more information, we have exciting data to share with you that would be of keen interest.

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