Poultry are constantly being bombarded by pathogens, resulting in being in a constant inflammatory state. This energy consuming process can have a detrimental effect on health and production, not to mention additional stressors caused by several factors. So, what happens inside the bird when inflammation kicks in?

12 Interesting facts about inflammation in poultry

  1. Inflammation of the gut mucosal epithelium is a key mechanism for mucosal colonization by several pathogens.
  2. Inflammation results in overall diversity and abundance of commensal bacteria being reduced (Craven et al, 2012).
  3. With increased inflammation, more nutrients and colonization niches are made available to pathogens. Certain pathogens exploit inflammation in order to reduce competition from microflora and promote their own success in colonization and pathogenesis rodent models (Stecher et al., 2007; Winter et al., 2010).
  4. Reduced inflammation causes stabilization of beneficial bacteria known to reduce expression of inflammatory cytokines (messengers) and reduce goblet cell size and mucus secretion.
  5. So, inflammation is a precursor to dysbacteriosis and necrotic enteritis (Fraune and Bosch, 2010; Kau et al., 2011; Maslowski et al., 2011; Salzman, 2011)
  6. Barrier function is a critical aspect of gut health. The intestine is exposed to a nearly unlimited number of antigens and potential insults daily, including dietary components, toxins, and commensal and pathogenic microorganisms (Vicuna, 2015).


Xtract Nature is known for its effect on immunity of poultry, by depressing innate and stimulating acquired immunity in birds through the actions of Capsicum and Curcuma respectively. With downregulation of inflammatory cytokines and  stimulation of more antibodies and a thicker mucus layer in the gut, Xtract Nature is an excellent natural product to enhance the functionality of vaccinations, providing extra protection against viral and bacterial challenges in broilers, breeders and layer birds.

At a low inclusion rate of 100-150g/t of feed, several trials have proven its efficacy and today, Xtract Nature is being applied worldwide in monogastric production systems.

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