Molasweet is a multi-sensory palatant with a well-balanced combination of high intensity sweetener and molasses flavour and can replace the taste, smell, and sweetening power of cane molasses. But how do you use it?

  1. Regarding the taste and smell, 10 kg of cane molasses can be replaced by 40 grams of Molasweet. Partially replacing molasses with Molasweet will create space in the diet.
  2. Molasweet has no binding characteristics, therefore it is recommended that some cane molasses remain in the diet, if a binding agent is needed.

On top application:

  1. Adding Molasweet to animal feed can assist in masking undesirable taste or flavours in the diet. This could then assist to reduce the variation in feed intake over time.
  2. Molasweet can be used as a “curtain” in front of animals. While one can do minor changes to the raw material composition in the diet, adding Molasweet to the feed can reduce the risk of animals detecting the change in the diet.
  3. Adding Molasweet to a feedlot starter diet may improve feed intake of ruminants.

Partial replacing molasses – what to do with the extra space

  1. One can replace some of the molasses in the diet with Molasweet together with a starch source, such as maize. This will result in an increase in the energy content of the diet, providing more energy to the animal.
  2. Changing your energy source from high a fermentable sugar to a slower fermentable starch will provide more energy (i.e. propionate) for the ruminant.

Physiological benefits of Molasweet:

  1. The active ingredient in Molasweet can improve glucose uptake in the small intestine of both pre-and post-weaning ruminants (Moran et al., 2014).
  2. Increase in starch content of the diet and combining it with the improvement in glucose absorption capacity of the small intestine due to the physiological effect of Molasweet, it may improve the feed conversion ratio of ruminants.
  3. Supplementing 2 gram of Sucram/h/d (same active ingredient as in Molasweet) to steam-up and fresh dairy cows can improve the glucose absorption capacity of the small intestine, therefore helping the small intestine to adapted to a high concentrate diet fed after calving.
  4. Molasweet increase glucose absorption, thus can assist with an increase in available energy for fresh cows.
  5. Ruminants experiencing heat stress prefer glucose as an energy source, not ketone bodies. Molasweet can assist in the improvement in glucose uptake in the small intestine.


Molasweet can be used as a nutritional tool to save space in the diet and improve glucose absorption, giving the nutritionist more options to improve animal performance.

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