Allied Nutrition is proud to have Amaferm as one of our product offerings to the ruminant industry. Amaferm has years of research and quality science behind it. Let’s take a look at some of the key facts about Amaferm:

  1. Amaferm is produced by metabolites from a specific fermentation process using Aspergillus oryzae. Amaferm serves as a prebiotic for the rumen fungi.
  2. Amaferm increases fungal growth, referring to a 15% increase in stem area, 348% in branch area and a 281% increase in branch numbers (Chang et al.,1999).
  3. According to Schmidt et al., 2004, Amaferm increased cellulase production by 37%, b-glucosidase by 162% and amylase by 306%.
  4. Rumen fungi physically break down feed particles via their rhizoids or hyphae, increasing feed particle surface area. (Akin et al., 1990).
  5. Amaferm may indirectly increase the bacterial growth rate by 23% (Beharka et al., 1998) and increase the total bacterial count by 70% (Frumholtz et al., 1989).
  6. Rumen pH may be stabilized with the help of Amaferm as Amaferm promotes the growth of lactate utilizing bacteria (Beharka et al., 1998).
  7. Amaferm is not diet specific and can improve NDF digestibilities of different raw materials. For example, lucerne’s NDF digestibility was increased by 6.0%, and maize silage’s NDF digestibility can be improved by 5.7%, while straw’s NDF digestibility was increased by 11.4% (Beharka et al., 1993, Campos et al., 1990, Chen et al., 2004, Chiou et al., 2000, Gomez et al., 1990, 1991, Nocek et al., 2009, 2011, Varel et al., 1993, Westvig et al., 1991).
  8. Due to increased digestibility of feed as a result of Amaferm supplementation, intake may also be promoted (Chiou et al., 2000, Gomez et al., 1990).
  9. Amaferm may increase total VFA (volatile fatty acid) production between 10%-35% (Arambel et al., 1987, Frumholtz et al., 1989, Sun et al., 2016).
  10. Microbial protein production efficiency may be increased by 12% in a low forage diet and by 45% in a high forage diet (Caton et al., 1993, Gomez-Alarcon et al., 1990).
  11. The increase in these parameters can translate into better performance, for example, increase in milk production by 1kg/day (Huber et al., 1994) and 0.1 kg improvement in ADG for beef cattle (Dhuyvetter et al., 1995; Nickels et al., 2017; Pereyra Yraola et al., 2020).
  12. Amaferm is a reliable product that has 47 years of research behind it.

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