B-Traxim 2C is Allied Nutrition’s range of organic trace minerals. The range consists of zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), and iron (Fe). Let’s take a look at some of the unique properties of B-Traxim 2C:

  1. Organic trace minerals are important in animal feed to ensure the optimal utilization of trace minerals (Spears et al., 2004).
  2. B-Traxim 2C is a range of trace minerals bound to glycine, with a consistent composition and structure leading to high organic efficiency (Hansen et al., 2008).
  3. Various analysis techniques (X-ray, Infrared spectroscopy) can be used to confirm B-Traxim 2C homogenous composition and crystalline structure. These methods can also be used to quantify how much of the mineral is still bound to the glycine in a premix/complete feed and that it is not simply a mixture of inorganic minerals and amino acids. Pancosma offers this analytical service.
  4. Glycine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is involved in several physiological processes, such as protein synthesis, collagen synthesis, active sites of enzymes and the central nervous system (Razak et al., 2017; Ionescu, 2017).
  5. Glycine does not have a L or D form (chirality) therefore, absorption of glycine is not dependent on chirality, aiding in improved active and passive absorption (Ionescu, 2017).
  6. B-Traxim 2C Zinc glycinate is absorbed 28.5% better than Zinc sulphate and is retained 31.6% better in the animal (Schlegel and Windisch, 2006).
  7. Ettle et al. (2007) observed that 36.5% more iron was absorbed in the glycinate form from B Traxim 2C Fe compared to the sulphate form in piglets.
  8. B Traxim 2C Copper glycinate has been proven to be better absorbed than Cu-propionate (by 23%) and Cu-sulphate (by 49%) in mineral-depleted piglets (Manner et al., 2006).
  9. Simon & Männer (2006) has proven that manganese glycinate from B-Traxim 2C was 24.9% better absorbed than manganese sulphates in weaned piglets (TB 316, Pancosma).
  10. Ionescu et al. (2011) found that organic trace minerals increased carcass percentage by 10%, drumstick percentage by 8.4% and breast percentage by 12.7%
  11. B-Traxim 2C is 100% water-soluble, and stability of BT 2C at different pH levels is known; therefore, one knows how many minerals remain bound to glycine at various pH levels. (Oguey et al., 2009)
  12. B-Traxim 2C is oudorless, dustless and free-flowing, increasing premix uniformity.

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