With record raw material prices, it is imperative to use formulation “tools” in order to optimize a ration to keep animal production systems profitable.

  1. Regarding the taste and smell, Molasweet can be used to create space in a diet as 10 kg of cane molasses can be replaced with 40 grams of Molasweet.
  2. As Molasweet has no binding characteristics, it is therefore recommended that some cane molasses remain in the diet, if a binding agent is needed.
  3. Molasweet can be used to overcome procurement issues regarding molasses, as molasweet can help to extend the usage of a batch of molasses.
  4. Molasweet can assist in keeping a constant sensory profile of feed as molasses can be heterogenous and have varying sensorial properties, depending on origin, season, and production process (Soulet et al., 2014).
  5. Molasweet can be used to make a diet more nutrient dense, as one can replace some of the molasses in the diet with Molasweet together with a starch source, such as maize.
  6. Molasweet can be used to change the fermentation pattern within a ruminant by assisting to change the energy source from high fermentable sugar to a slower fermentable starch, which provides more energy to the animal (i.e. propionate).
  7. Molasweet/ Sucram can be used to alleviate weaning stress as the active ingredient in Molasweet improves glucose uptake in the small intestine of both pre-and post-weaning ruminants (Moran et al., 2014).
  8. Supplementing 2 gram of Sucram/h/d (same active ingredient as in Molasweet) to steam-up and fresh dairy cows can improve the glucose absorption capacity of the small intestine (Moran et al., 2014).
  9. Molasweet may help to improve the feed conversion ratio of ruminants via a combination of increased starch content of the diet and an improvement in glucose absorption in the small intestine.
  10. Molasweet can be used to alleviate heat stress as ruminants experiencing heat stress prefer glucose as an energy source, not ketone bodies (Goel et al., 2021).
  11. Molasweet can be used to reduce the variability of feed intake (Pancosma Technical Bulletin 163).
  12. Adding Molasweet to a diet may reduce the days to weaning (Pancosma Technical Bulletin 153).

Molasweet can be used in various ways and can be a tool of immense value for the nutritionist in order to keep farms producing at the most profitable manner during these challenging times

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